Once upon a time...

     My name is Phoebe. I live quite the simple life, and dedicate myself to my beautiful children. I thoroughly enjoy making art, and typically do so in the comfort of my own home, for the initial pleasure of none but myself. 

     Art for me is a form of meditation, a place for me to think of anything at all while i push my paints around, and then to amaze myself at the end when I have created something out of nothing. Art for me is painting the soul, be it my model's or my own. It is learning to appreciate each strand of hair, whether it be in place or not, and then to realize, quite beautifully, that they are all exactly in place. Art for me is to make mistakes, and to then either find the courage to go back and fix them, or to realize that they are not mistakes after all. Art for me is a time in my life- when I first found out I was pregnant, or when I first realized that I could become something greater. Art for me is a place to get lost in the detail, like a black hole, and then to emerge again and see it all in its beauty. 

     One of my absolute favorite things about making art is that I always happen to fall a bit in love with my subjects. No matter what or who it may be, the development of the painting brings about a development in a sort of secret relationship between the painted and myself. I fall in love with the shapes and the colors and the individuality. And once I feel the piece is finally complete, I look upon the subject with admiration, as though they are somehow connected to me in more than art. 


     And that is the truly the most beautiful thing about being an artist.